Go on vacation to an exotic location, buy a new car, win the Lagos City Marathon, climb Mount Everest, shed 20kg in six months…. We all continue to strive to achieve one thing or the other and that is good. But to go from where you are to where you want to be, you have to do something about the gap between.

Some say CLOSE IT, some say FILL IT, and others say BUILD A BRIDGE OVER IT. What do you say? Bottom line – something has got to be done to enable you make the transition to the place where you have realized your dreams, your desires have been fulfilled and your goals have been accomplished.

A mentor of mine once said that a good way to do this is to take a pen and paper and write down 100 Ways to…. For instance, 100 ways to earn $1000 in five months, 100 ways to fund the water well project, 100 ways to bring back the romance in your marriage… and so on.

The idea is to first write down as many strategies as possible and afterwards, sit back and analyze each one. Your solution may come from the implementation of one strategy or from a combination of two or more. I often find it difficult to get to 100 but I give it my best each time and I can say it’s very helpful.

You wanna try?