New Beginnings

Many times when we have the desire to begin again, we meet challenges as we set out. The easy way out would be to give up the idea of a new beginning, to decide we are not ready for the change we seek, to convince ourselves that it’s too hard and there may be nothing worthwhile after all to pursue.

It is so much easier to remain in one’s comfort zone. The territory you know well and are accustomed to, where you know the factors that determine your outcomes and have learnt to live with them or have mastered the art of influencing or manipulating them to your advantage. At least, you know what you’re dealing with.

But what are you going to do with that dissatisfaction, that yearning for more, that voice inside you that tells you you can be more and do more? Are you really going to live the rest of your life wondering what’s out there and never making the bold move to see for yourself? Do you really want to keep wondering what would have happened if you had stepped out?

In spite of what you have been through or how bad your present circumstance is, you can begin again. Everyone can begin again. Every day is a new day.

God is the giver of new beginnings. Look to Him and receive grace to step out of the old and into the new.


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