How easy will it be?

I set out to face the new year, full of zeal and optimism. I had already written down some goals to achieve and had a few actions to carry out for each goal. Unfortunately, my first attempt didn’t go well. I sat beside my husband while a football match was going on. It was Arsenal against Cardiff. It seemed like Arsenal was having a bad day at the office. The second half was nearing its end and there was still no goal from either side. There had been several failed attempts by Arsenal… and the commentator made a very correct comment ‘this is very frustrating for the Arsenal supporters’… Meanwhile I was drawn to the glow that appeared on the blue jersey of the Cardiff players whenever the cameras zoomed out on them. I asked at least twice if anyone had noticed it. I didn’t quite get a ‘yes’ so I asked again… And my husband’s response said it all. They were not interested in a glow; they were interested in football.

I left the scene, obviously displeased. First thing I did was to cross that item off my list. I had it captured this way: watch one Arsenal match per month with my husband. The aim was to spend a little more time with him doing what he really enjoys… you know, just bond a little more. But at this point I felt sure this particular strategy wouldn’t work.

He came to apologise while the match was still on. I acknowledge this sacrifice, and it really was because while he was with me, Arsenal scored their first goal. Interesting. They went on to score one more goal and win the match.

But this is what occurred to me: it would be completely unrealistic to expect that everything would just be easy and there would be absolutely no challenges as we try to achieve our goals. We have to brace ourselves and be doggedly determined to succeed. Have the ‘nothing’s gonna stop me’ mentality. Image

So, although it’s roughly cancelled, that item remains on my list and I will keep pushing that agenda. At least I know what not to do next time. Feel free to ask me how it’s coming when you see me.


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