When the heat is on…

Sometimes the pressures are so intense; I wonder how I’ll make it to the end of the day. Sometimes it seems like my load is more than I can bear. I look all around me and I see pressure, pain, struggles, distress, chaos, things falling apart everywhere, and I’m supposed to be the one to bring some balance, to put things in order, to close the gaps, to build the bridges, to make things work, and to make everyone safe… at least, in my own sphere of influence. How am I supposed to do this?

In the midst of the chaos, this is often the question on my mind. How am I supposed to make this work? How am I supposed to bring about a positive result without going back to point fingers, and play the blame game or without allowing the issues on ground to get the best of me?

One day, in the midst of the chaos, I lifted my voice in prayer to the Almighty One. I asked for grace to face the day, and yes, that day felt a lot better than the days before. His grace is really enough and in my weakness I find that His strength becomes evident. But I can’t depend on yesterday’s grace for today’s challenges. I’m convinced that grace is a resource that must be replenished continually, and that’s why we have to keep going back to the source; back to God, because He is the giver of grace.


Psalm 84:11… on God being the giver of grace


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