Turning 70!

Today my mum turns seventy. ‘The golden age’ – that’s what she calls it. She stayed awake to make the transition from 69 to 70. She said she wanted to experience the feeling of becoming 70 years old and when I asked her how she feels; her response was “I’m grateful”.

Well, I am also grateful; grateful to have her for as long as I have lived, thankful for the good example she’s been to me and for the good decisions she made on my behalf when I wasn’t old enough to decide for myself.  She’s taught me quite some lessons. I’ll share a few:

  • If you really want to do it, you’ll find a way
  • God is our Father and He’s not hard of hearing, so He’ll still hear you if you pray quietly
  • You don’t have to announce who you are, let people see it in the way you live
  • When your kids are fighting, endeavor to resolve the issue without taking sides
  • When your husband comes home from work, wait for him to eat and relax a little before you bring a problem/issue to his notice
  • By all lawful means, have a source of income, don’t be idle. Make the most of your skills and innate abilities
  • Ladies: Be ready to support your husband when the need arises, even financially
  • To get the ultimate ‘afang’ soup, remove the ‘bone’ from the water-leaf before shredding it

Thank God for good mothers… and although it’s not Mothers’ day, I’m seizing this opportunity to celebrate my mother and all the women who are playing this role in people’s lives all around the world.

God bless you all.


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