The Warmest Welcome

Tired from a full day of work, I arrived home one evening and was on the way to my room to take off my shoes, drop my handbag and change into something more comfortable but my journey was interrupted by three little people who heard my footsteps and rushed to meet me. Their squeals of ‘Mummmeeeee’ and something that sounded more like “ayaaaaa’ from the youngest were like music to my ears – soothing in a way I cannot describe. They didn’t wait to do it in turns so I had to drop the bag on the floor, get down on my knees, and spread my arms to embrace them all at once.

My heart melted. If they had done anything in the past that I was unhappy about, I could no longer remember it. At that moment, I felt like I had everything I needed, I felt wealthy and satisfied. My heart overflowed with love for them, and if they had made any request that I could grant, I would have done so immediately.

I’m grateful to have had such a moment to enjoy and now that I’m documenting this, I think about us and God… how He responds when we celebrate Him and rejoice in Him, when we lift up our voices in praise, when we put a hold on the things that bring us pleasure to do the things that bring Him pleasure, and when we come in sincerity to show Him how much we love Him.

Sometimes we struggle and struggle because we want to make things work by ourselves and keep our world from falling apart. But we could do ourselves a big favor if we learned to take time out, more and more, away from these things that continually call for our attention and focus on our Maker, and make it all about Him. You’ll be amazed at the blessings, the grace, the favor, the provision, the triumphs, the promotions, the healing, and restoration that would be ours when the Almighty responds to our love.


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  1. Wow. Very refreshing. Reminds me of an old song I have been singing of late “And I will run to you, to your words of truth, not by might, not by power, but by the spirit of God. Yes I will run the race, till I see your face. O, let me live in the glory of your grace.

    If only we could run to God at all times. His hands are always open to any child who would take comfort there, to any child who would dare to call him daddy.

    Many times, our perception of who God really is, is blurred by our perception of people who are authority figures in our lives. I choose to run to his loving embrace and to call him Daddy, again, and again and again.

    1. Yeah… I remember that song. Beautiful! I might as well adopt it as my theme song for the week. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it’ll be a good way to remind myself to run to Him

  2. Awesome! I surrender all to you Lord, knowing fully well that you have everything under control. All I have to do is give u the praise u deserve.

  3. Nice one! Very refreshing and it remind me of Matthew 21:16; “Out of the mouth of babes and suckling thou hast perfect praise” He equate praise with strength.
    That while David never lost any battles coz he speaks praises that equates strength unto him.
    We can pray amist but we can never praise amist.
    Anietie, more grace dear.

  4. Thanks for this refreshing reminder.
    If we would only make it all about Him…Like you said, I can only imagine how He responds when we love on Him like your lovely kids did you. Oh, what beauty when the Almighty responds to our love. I will run to Him…

  5. How God wishes for a one on one with us daily.true talk dear. If any tries it I tell u its refreshing and u come out lighter. I ll also liken it to wen u re before ur doctor,u just see yourself telling all so u can get d proper solution. You leave their presence with a ray of hope, but with God its with full assurance.

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