Tiny braids

Time came again for me to visit my hair dresser. This time, I went on a Saturday – not a very good day to go because of the rush. Most people are free on this day so there’s room for some pampering if it’s a high class salon or if it’s not, to just have your normal, ‘nothing to look forward to’ – beauty  treatment in the salon you can afford – hair, nails, eye brows, lashes… whatever.

Shortly after I arrived, one lady stood up to leave. She had lovely braids on – long and tiny. I couldn’t help but appreciate the time and effort put in to achieve that hairdo… and when I looked away, I noticed that someone else was about to begin a similar project; someone with a lot of hair on her head. When were they going to finish?!! I wondered. But the hair dressers were not anxious at all. It seemed like a completed task to them already.

A few others joined the first lady and as they worked, they talked about all sorts including other hair dressing challenges they’d overcome and past records they had set. Their stories seemed to motivate them and they worked on happily.

Well, I left the salon before they were done, but at their pace, it must have taken only a little while longer for them to finish the job. Great strategy! Don’t you think? Rather than work alone and take forever to achieve one goal, call other professionals to join you and get it done in record time, then move on to the next, and to the next, and to the next… and before you know it, you and your partners are known as the people who get the job done FAST!

Share the pain and share the gain. You may not even notice the pain anymore when you have a good team. You may actually begin to derive pleasure from something that once felt like hard labor.

So, when next you see a lady with long and tiny braids, remember this: you can accomplish more with a good team, than on your own.


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  1. I totally agree with John below – “we are not supposed to work or walk alone by design”. But sometimes, we prefer to work alone for fear of the other partners not delivering at the same high quality we would have given to a task. I am like that sometimes.

    I remember when I had my third son seven years ago. I insisted I had to bath him myself before going to work – rather than train the nanny at home on what my expectations. My hubby had to force me to delegate that task, and I reluctantly had to give in.

    Fast forward to yesterday. If a nanny was not available to make breakfast on a Saturday morning, I would sweat it out alone and set everything on the table like a respectable wife and mother had to do. Yesterday, I decided I was going to teach my 10+ year old son to make pancakes and he did a fantastic job of it to the envy of his younger brothers. As the bible says, two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.

    1. Yes. Team work and delegation. In both cases, it’s important to have able/good hands on the other end. ‘Two heads are better than one’ isn’t quite sufficient anymore. You have to say ‘Two GOOD heads are better than one’.

  2. This is good. Not only getting the job done faster but serves as advert by having diciples. Some one to say those girls are good is more profitable than to say that girl is fast and good. Good one

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