The Big Picture

A few days back, my kids asked me to join them in assembling some picture puzzles. I thought it would be a concerted effort but somewhere in the middle of the task, they got distracted by a cartoon on TV and I had to do most of what was left on my own. I could have stopped and gone on to do something else, but it seemed I was subconsciously hooked. I really wanted to see the pictures completed so I kept on until all 5 puzzles were finished.

It’s interesting how important each piece of a puzzle is. Considered in isolation, it may seem meaningless and irrelevant, but in the final analysis, if that piece is missing, your picture remains incomplete.

When I think about life, I’m convinced there’s more. My life can’t be just about me, myself and I… there’s got to be more. I have to live for something bigger than myself – a greater cause, a higher agenda – and in my endeavors I must contribute somehow to make that big picture complete. Living for one’s self alone is a very base level of existence and we’re called to more than that. There’s more to the skills, talents and resources that we have. It can’t be solely about us.

With the current state of my country, Nigeria, I’ve been thinking of ways to contribute. Last week, in addition to praying for the nation, I blacked out my profile picture on Twitter as suggested by Leke Alder. For those who could not participate in the #BringBackOurGirls protests and rallies around the country, this was a way to show support for the cause. This week, I will find some additional ways to contribute to this big picture of national transformation that we seek. Like a piece of the puzzle, I’ll do my own part. Many people across the country are rising up to do theirs as well. With concerted effort, we’ll behold the New Nigeria we desire.

So here’s my question to you: what’s your big picture and what are you doing about it?


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  1. Life is a journey. In this journey we have reached this stage where we need to turn things around. David said am a man of peace but when I talk it is the sound of war! For peace to reign war must come. Osama touched US with his amber bit the states fought back with fire and brimstone.
    It’s time to invade the camp of the enemies o don’t know how many they are, don’t know who their allied are but the Army of darkness will not triumph over the Army of good and justice.
    Now is the time in this our journey to make that move!!!!

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