Perspective is key!

Nathan loves his little brother so much that sometimes he forgets to respect his personal space. Some days ago, he went dancing towards Micah to give him a hug and what he got in return was a poke in his left eye. With that eye closed, he came crying to me and narrated the incident. I told him to keep his eye closed for a little while and wait for the burning sensation to subside, then open it. When he finally opened it, he said ‘It’s fine now’, then he walked away. I thought that was the end of it, but he woke up the next morning, began to cry right away, and would not open that eye.

I wondered if there was something we didn’t notice the day before but before I could do any check he said ‘mummy, what if it never stops hurting? What if it stays forever?’ Aha! That’s it! So all along, his agony was rooted in fear and may have had no physical basis at all…. To be sure, I said ‘Nathan, it can’t stay forever; your eye will definitely heal. The pain will go away. Okay? Open it and let’s see.’ He agreed. ‘Look left… Look right… up… down…. See? There’s nothing wrong’. He instantly cheered up, wiped his tears and went to prepare for school.

Many experiences have brought me to this awareness: In life, Perspective is Key! What you see, or how you see what everybody sees is important. Our perspectives determine or influence our decisions and responses, and those decisions and responses determine or create our future. I’m sure you agree with me that in all we do, we must endeavor to have the right perspective.

What issues are you dealing with? What decisions are you making today? How have you responded so far? Do you know the truth about the situation or are you just working with the facts available to you? Sometimes the facts don’t give the true picture. We have to remember that there’s the ‘Big Picture’ and people who see it have an advantage. Nathan’s problem was solved when he discovered the truth from me, his wise mother, and that put an end to his misery. We should make effort to gain this advantage, to attain the higher perspective, the true perspective; and what better way to do this, than to ask the One who sees all and knows all… the Almighty.


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  1. So true. The “big picture” perspective is always accurate. The dilemma is often the time it takes to access the information in the big picture.

    In a fast pace world there is really no time to wait once the information is required. The wise ones seek for the information in advance.

    The practise of seeking should be daily in order to secure understanding in advance. Since nothing is really new under the sun, yesterday’s data maybe the solution to today’s puzzle.

    The key word is… Preparation.

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