What time is it?

It’s evening, the light is fading, but I can still hear the birds. Soon they’ll be asleep, at least most of the ones that make melodies I love to hear in the morning, and that make me feel it’s going to be a pleasant day. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to hear them again.

For as long as we know, it has always been this way – day, then night, then day, and then night… and so on – and we see how it corresponds with light, then darkness, then light, and then darkness… and so on. Then you ponder the role of the sun in all this. The sun is the main factor. It comes up, we have light; it’s day time. Then it goes down, we have darkness, and it’s night time. It all depends on the sun.

So here’s the big question: How do we get rid of darkness? Anyone?…..

YES! Absolutely! By introducing light! When we walk into dark rooms, we don’t get rid of the darkness by sweeping the floor, arranging the table or moving the chairs around. None of these would work – unless it’s one of those rooms where the light switch is triggered by a motion sensor. What you do is, TURN ON THE LIGHT!

Now this is why this is significant today – with all the darkness around, we need light. This darkness is brought about by evil and is propagated by acts of wickedness, injustice and corruption all over the world. We must therefore bring in light, propagate light and be the light everywhere we are, and this has to be done deliberately. We need a constant, sustained, and deliberate supply of light – like a sun that never sets – to annihilate this darkness little by little, until it’s all gone. So each one of us must rise up and begin to do good; the kind of good that will be seen, felt and experienced by others. A friend of mine recently put it this way – aggressive and proactive acts of goodness.

It’s time to look around and see what we can do to make a positive difference, and then do it! It’s time to gang up with a group of like-minded people and support a good cause – renovate a school, finance NGOs that are offering free education to the less privileged, prevail on the appropriate levels of government to use the resources provided to fix the roads and build hospitals, dedicate a certain percentage of our income to helping the poor, write bills that will put an end to injustice and corruption in our society and have them passed… and so on.

We must not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


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