We once had a dog named Zelda. She wasn’t the prettiest dog on the planet but to me she was just perfect. Zelda loved to play, eat and sleep, and she was the most alert guard dog I knew. She had such big ears that when she was still a puppy, they seemed so much bigger than her head – like two satellite dishes mounted on a small platform.

Zelda loved every time of the year except Christmas and New Year. She didn’t mind the extra supply of rice, meat and bones, but she always got extremely terrified by the sound of fireworks going off. It was so bad that she would leave her serving of goodies and look for cover. Her ideal hideout was with us, her human family. She would tuck herself between the back of your legs and the side of the chair you were sitting on, and stay there quietly till the ‘storm’ abated.

It didn’t really matter what was going on outside anymore, as long as she was with us, she felt safe – so safe, you would have to nudge her and shout her name to wake her up from her deep sleep. Talk about peace when trouble blows; a sense of calm in the midst of the storm.

She was lucky her storms came around only twice a year… but these days we are faced with one storm after the other; before you’re done recovering from one, there’s another and with all this trouble comes fear, a whole new dimension of fear; the kind that grips you and makes your heart beat so loud you literally hear it in your ears.

I’ve felt this kind of fear before. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. My mind went off on its own tangent, painting images of terrifying possibilities. I knew after then that I had to reinforce my mental space and stuff it with the right things, the right words, the right songs, and the right images. I had to create an information bank loaded with promises like “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and remind myself that I have a very present help in time of trouble. Now in the midst of all the chaos, I can find peace.

There is a peace that comes from above, the kind the world cannot give, and it’s available to everyone. Just ask!


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  1. Thanks Anietie, this spoke to me, and I am inspired especially by your response to fear, reinforcing your mental space with the right words, songs and a bank of promises. God bless you for sharing!

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