Beyond the silence

Right here, right now, it’s quiet.

I can hear the lights… yes… it’s that quiet.

This is a good time to think, plan, and dream. It’s also a good time to listen. Sometimes there’s so much noise around us that we can hardly hear the voice within, and if we can’t hear then we can’t even begin to align with it. We could actually go on a wild goose chase while the solution waits within us for a time when we’ll just be quiet, when we’ll draw on the strength and the reserves that avail in the place of quietness.

But as we rise from this place of strength, we go on to a place that calls for a different response. We go into a time when what we must do is speak and declare; a time when we must raise our voices and be heard. That’s the time when we use our words to create our world. That’s the time when we say what we want to see; a time when we use our words as a shield and as a sword as well. In such times, the wrong response would be to remain silent.

With all the chaos around us, this is not a time to be silent. This is the time for us to find our voices in whatever way we can muster it – Raise it in prayer, lift in the praise, and wield it in the House of Assembly, in the Senate, in the School PTA, and on the media platforms we have access to. It’s time to speak up and stand for what is right and good; and with our declarations, create a wave in the atmosphere that will push back the advance of negativity in our society.






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  1. Annie, this is affirming how God wants His children to urgently respond in this season. There’s no better time for the child of God to find his/her voice. If you do not feel your voice is strong enough to change the entire atmosphere of the nation, you can atleast create a desired atmosphere around your little sphere (home, work, school etc) and our little voices added together would form a thick cloud of goodness and positivity over the nation. More grace to you sister. Pls keep it coming.

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