Live well

While having my hair made yesterday, I decided to put my time to good use; an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. So I took out my phone and proceeded to update myself on events around the world. Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Israel, Palestine and several other countries faced with different issues… and in the midst of it all, life goes on.

Yes, indeed. Life goes on. There are players getting signed on to new clubs, people getting married, new businesses coming on stream and others expanding, babies being born, students graduating from school, financial and other deals being made, and so on. Life goes on.

Our reaction is greatly influenced by what we focus on, what we constantly observe and saturate our mental space with. But faced with the reality that life goes on in spite of the security, economic, political and other concerns, we have to be deliberate in what we focus on, and make sure we don’t allow ourselves to begin to think there’s nothing to live for or think that there’s no point pursuing our goals and dreams because we fear they’ll be aborted before we get anywhere with them. Don’t let all the bad news have a crippling effect on you.

A wise king once said that anyone who is alive has hope. In truth, a living dog is better than a dead lion. So while we live, let us keep on dreaming and planning, moving and pushing. This isn’t time to give up or quit. This is our chance to do all we were put on this planet to do and we must make the most of this time on the stage of life. I choose to live a life of hope, faith, love, passion, power and zeal. I choose to live well. How about you?


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  1. I am absolutely in agreement. Life continues. We will continue to do business, we continue to hope, we will continue to travel by air, we will continue to create a better tomorrow. Tragedies and disasters can destroy things or at least tend to discourage but we will continue to create. Tomorrow is always worth anticipating. We look forward to a better tomorrow.

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