For a while, I wondered how to work some exercise into my routine. Each time I spoke of my need for exercise, someone said something like ‘please, leave that story for those of us who really need it’. People who are ‘slim’ are not really considered as candidates for exercise in some circles, but there’s more to exercise than weight loss. It has a way of making me feel better, stronger and able to do more. I knew there were benefits in physical exercise and I was determined to get my share of the goodies so I kept searching.

One day during rehearsal, I had a light bulb moment. How about dancing while rehearsing upbeat songs? I have about three opportunities to do this each week, and that would just about cover my weekly exercise need. To think that this solution was there all along and I didn’t explore it is quite amazing. I guess some answers are just sitting there in plain sight and we don’t even realize because we’re not quite paying attention to finding the solution to the problem.

Sometimes we focus more on the problem than on the solution. We magnify the problem and go on and on about its complexity with such detail that we could write a complete thesis on just the analysis of the problem, and all our energies get channelled to this analytical effort. But we must be able to say STOP! Convert the whole problem to one short statement and then say STOP! And then let the rest of the paragraph be about possible solutions…. This way we redirect our energies to the right place – the solution.

Now I go for rehearsals prepared to dance – comfortable footwear and all – and I’m thrilled that exercise doesn’t have to take 2 to 3 extra hours of my time each week. I’ve been able to kill two birds with one stone – rehearse and exercise. Perfect!

We really do not have time to waste. With all the busyness of day to day life, we must keep striving to make the most of every opportunity, to maximize the moment and live life to the full.



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  1. Nice post. Well written. I dig the dancing part. But what about the stirs and walking? Those could be worked into any day too. Enjoy.

  2. Very true! If you focus on the giants, you’ll see yourself as a grasshopper! Whatever we focus on (whether it’s a problem/weakness or strength/opportunity), we magnify! I’m reprogramming myself to think differently – if I want to do something and find I lack a skill or resource, I’ll focus on what I do have, and start there. Thanks for the recharge Anietie!

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