My Earring

Today, I lost my earring. It’s one of those ones with a hinge and holds the ear lobe a little too firmly so to give myself a break from the pressure after a few hours of wearing it today, I unclamped it and let it hang there. It crossed my mind that it could fall off and get lost but I thought I would remember to fasten it before leaving my seat. Well, the rest is history.

I pulled up in front of my house and glanced at the mirror. ‘Oh nooooo… My earring… I lost my earriiiing’. I was too tired to return immediately so I sent delegates to do a search but they returned without it. At that point, I went back on my own and I found it! Yes! I found it! Simple as it may seem, this is a big deal for me, an answer to prayer… and I’ve come away from this experience with a few lessons.

First of all, if you have the inkling that something could go wrong, don’t push it aside; take necessary precautions to make sure that thing doesn’t go wrong. It’s not enough to say, ‘No, it can’t happen’. Do something to make sure it doesn’t happen. That’s your first defence. Precaution is your first defence.

Secondly, if something goes wrong we should take measures quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse and to try to recover what we’ve lost. Time is of the essence. That earring probably would have been swept away if I had delayed. Get the right strategy and act fast. Sometimes, this action may require your personal effort. It’s okay to delegate every now and then, but if your delegates don’t get the job done, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. It’s your treasure and you know what it cost you to get it. Don’t give up without a fight.

Getting back what you’ve lost may come at a cost – some time, effort, research, money, etc. Evaluate the cost. If it makes sense, go for it. I gave up 30 minutes, a nap, and some fuel and I got back my earring.

There is an old strategy for finding what you lost and it still works – retrace your steps. Go back to the places you went… do a review of your operations in the past month, the last six months, last year, etc…. sit down and think back….

Lastly, we must take note of the lessons we learn from such experiences so that we endeavour to make sure they don’t happen again.

I’m so glad I found my earring.




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  1. Hmmmm very insightful. So much to learn from our daily activities if only we can take the time to reflect and learn from each expperience. Nice one.

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