My First Flight

For a long time, I dreamed of flying in an airplane. I finally got my chance some years back and did not fail to document my perception of that experience. Today, someone said something that brought it to mind. Here’s what I wrote:

Thank You for safe take-offs and landings
For all the beautiful things You let me see
For the minute looking mighty trees
And the beautifully designed fields
For the scanty thick forests
And the narrow wide rivers

For letting me see waters on a journey
From one place to another
Passing through fields and forests
On the path You made for them
And meeting at certain points
To speak of Your greatness

For letting me see different paths
Human, car, train and water paths
All on their own different routes
And reminding me that as people differ
So do Your plans for them

For letting me see the skies and clouds
Different layers of sky meeting at a distance
Like the skies meet the sea
Different shades of blue
With a strong thin line to tell between the two

For letting me hear creation tell the story
The story of Your power and glory
For letting me know that if I look through Your eyes
These mountains are indeed little bumps
And these valleys are little depressions
That can be overcome by just a leap of faith


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