Imagine that!

A friend of mine and I were called to receive a reward for the support we provided to a team. We were to pick a t-shirt each with the colour and size of our choice. The ones that were easy to reach were all L, XL or XXL and I almost settled for large, assuming they hadn’t considered people of smaller frame. Just then my friend asked the lady coordinating if there were other sizes, and she said there were some mediums.

Armed with this knowledge, my friend reached a little deeper and pulled out a bundle of red coloured medium sized t-shirts and I acceded to the fact that knowledge is power and in addition, perseverance is one of the keys to success.

The race is on. Our journeys are in progress and we all have different things that we’re reaching for. It may not be easy to achieve, but it can be done. We may have to dig deeper, work harder or pay a greater price to reach it but the bottom line is this: if we were able to conceive it, we definitely can achieve it. Everything that exists today was once a thought, an idea, an imagination… and this is what Albert Einstein had to say about imagination – “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

So before we end this pit stop, let’s take a moment to preview next week, next month, next year and the future as a whole. What do you see? Keep tweaking the script until what you see matches your desire and leaves a smile of satisfaction and pleasure on your face.

Are you there yet? Do you want what you see? Yes? Great! Keep that in mind and keep going till it becomes a reality for you.


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