Starting Point

Sometimes you just have to start, dig the foundation, lay the first brick, or do whatever to get the ball rolling. I once had a friend tutor me on diving. She told me about breath control, how to place my arms when getting into the water, how to move them once I got in and what to do to change my direction and bring myself back up to the surface. I went over the instructions over and over in my mind, thought through each phase but kept standing at the edge of the pool. Then I thought to myself, ‘if I don’t jump, I won’t jump, and since I plan to acquire this new skill, I must take this leap’. So although I didn’t feel ready, I leaned forward, went through the motion and a few seconds later, came out on the other side. Wooop! Hands clapping, wiping the water from my face intermittently, I was my own personal cheerleader and my friend was pleased that I got it right.

We can’t always wait till we feel ready. Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and another person added “in the right direction”. Sure, it has to be in the right direction. We can’t just get up and start running. There’s a place for research, fact finding, feasibility studies, and so on. We have to know where we’re going and have some idea, preferably a good idea how to get there. It may be quite skeletal initially, but as we progress, we can build in the details. But if we’re to get to that destination, we must start somewhere.

So where’s your starting point?

Something interesting about life is that we never see the complete picture from the start. Sometimes all we have is a word, an idea, an impression, or a nudge in our spirits and we’re expected to act on it. Even when we’ve done all our checks and balances, we still have to believe that things will work out fine. This is where faith comes in, where we’re willing to spread our wings and soar on the wind of that inspiration and trust that the Almighty will help us navigate safety and surely to that destination, that place of fulfilment where we look back and marvel at how far we’ve come and at what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Whatever you do, don’t go building castles at your starting point. Don’t put a chair there or erect a shed either. We’re not meant to linger there. Let’s get moving.


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  1. Great inspiration. A mighty ocean start with a little drop. Precept upon precept God is surely taking us somewhere he knows the end from the starting point. All we need is to dream big with faith and work.

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