Count me in!

Still thinking about David… I wonder what kind of child he was. Do you know his father, Jesse, forgot about him when the king maker came to their house to select the next king? For some reason, probably because he was the youngest son, his father did not consider him qualified to be king, so he didn’t bother bringing him to the selection exercise. Jesse only remembered David after the seven sons he presented were rejected. Eventually he was sent for and chosen to be king.

Second time around, David went to the field where the battle was to take place. His dad had sent him to check on his brothers. The decree was made, “this is what will be done for the MAN who kills Goliath…” You see, the army chiefs must have deliberated and come up with a profile of the person who would likely kill Goliath, and at the barest minimum, it had to be a man. Judging from Goliath’s size, no one could have imagined a woman or a child as a candidate for this task. It had to be a man.

On both counts, David surprised everyone. How did a shepherd boy become a king? How did a teenager take down a giant? He hadn’t attended the royal school, neither was he training to become a soldier, but in his little corner, on the task he was assigned, he took charge and developed skills that he was able to apply in the face of greater challenges. He struck and killed the lions and bears that came to attack his father’s sheep and he was confident that Goliath would not be an exception.

I imagine the story would have been different if David had whined and complained about being assigned to take care of sheep when his peers were doing more exciting things like learning to ride chariots or wield swords.

It’s interesting to see that no matter how seemingly insignificant our current circumstances may be, we can acquire valuable skills and aptitude that will enable us succeed in greater things. So we must make the most of every opportunity and self development must be an ongoing effort in our lives.

Finally, when the big opportunities come our way, we must learn to reach into our experience and not give in to the thought that we do not qualify. All the skills that we’ve acquired have got to count for something and by wisdom, we can translate and efficiently use them to navigate our way to greatness.

Rather than say ‘count me out’, we must begin to say ‘COUNT ME IN!’


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