Count your blessings

I woke up this morning feeling normal. It seemed like it was going to be an ordinary day but today’s my birthday so I’m expected to be extra happy and excited, and we also had a thanksgiving service planned at This Present House. The rest of the family were still asleep so it was sweetly quiet. A few songs came to mind and I sang them my own way. They all seemed to have a common theme… from deep within, a feeling of appreciation floated to the surface of my being and with it came a soothing effect.

At some point, I took out my note book and began to record some of the blessings of the past year, each point took me down memory lane as I looked at back then in comparison to now. My list seemed a bit short so I pulled out my little book of testimonies. You see I have this little book where I record all the good things that happen in my life… answers to prayers, open doors, successes in different endeavours, wishes and dreams that come true, etc. I decided to keep this book because we often forget.

Yes, we often forget that we once had some condition that was cause for concern, something that made us anxious, a task at work that appeared insurmountable, a business challenge that seemed too mysterious to unravel, an ambition that burned in our hearts but for which we did not have the strategy for its effective pursuit, or some desire that seemed too far to reach. We often forget that some of the things we now enjoy and sometimes even take for granted were once wishes and desires… we often forget… so I capture mine in a book. This way, I can look back every now and then and say ‘Wow! He actually answered that prayer…. I got through that…. We overcame that…’

When discouragement tries to set in, I review my testimonies. It’s like counting my blessings… and I begin to say to myself… If I overcame that, I can overcome this. If He did that, He sure will do this. If I found a way through that, I’ll definitely find a way through this. This too shall pass! This problem too will be solved and I will come out on top.

For me, thanksgiving is also about reminding myself of the One who empowers me to do all, be all and accomplish all. It leaves me with a knowing that I’ve got someone big enough, strong enough and invincible enough to see me through any and every situation. I imagine you know what I’m talking about because you’ve experienced the power of thanksgiving too. But just in case you haven’t, you can carry out your own experiment. Take some time today and this week to give thanks to God and to the people in your life who have been a blessing. See what a difference it will make.


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