Pick something up

I happily loosened my Ghanaian weave on Friday evening. It was a good look but it was due for a change and I looked forward to something fresh and really nice. While looking through a collection of family photos, I came across one in which my hair was absolutely stunning. It was braided and nicely curled from the middle of each braid to the tip. I decided to repeat that style, but I took along my weave-on as back up… you know, just in case.

Well, I got to the salon a little earlier than I usually do and there were not enough stylists on ground to get the job done in good time so I decided to go with plan B as it required only one stylist. To cut the long story short, I ended up spending about the same time or more than I would have spent on the braids because the stylist assigned to me was having a bad day at the office or didn’t quite know how to handle my plan B, and to make matters worse, she did such a poor job, I had to loosen the whole thing. That was such a waste of time and money.


Well, Oswald Avery said ‘whenever you fall, pick something up’. The one thing I can do in such situations is learn from them. So, here’s what I learnt…

  • We need to settle on exactly what we want before we set out. It doesn’t seem wise to say ‘I’ll decide where to go on vacation when I get to the airport’
  • When you have a good plan, stick with it. We need to have enough resolve to follow through on good plans rather than give up on them just because we foresee possible challenges. Giving up that way is like coming to a speed bump on the highway and saying ‘ahh… this journey’s impossible! There are obstacles on the way, I’m going back home’.
  • Don’t give up on a good plan when you haven’t even given it a try. We have to be able to say ‘it may take a little longer, it may cost a little more, but I’m going all the way with this’. The likelihood of getting a good result with a plan B that has received much less consideration than your plan A is small. So explore plan A first.
  • Plan B has to be tight as well. We have to give it good enough consideration so we don’t end up losing out totally because we discovered too late that our plan B couldn’t hold water. We must also remember to consider the external factors that will be required to achieve the desired result. The planning doesn’t end with us.
  • Lastly, when plans fail, maintain your positive outlook. You now know what not to do next time. Recalibrate and fire.

Bottom line, never give up!


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