An angel

It had been quite a week and when Friday came around, I was super happy. I still had a lot to do so I had to keep on pushing. I tied up a few loose ends, parked some tasks in a to-be-continued shed and finished up an important report. I made a hard copy of the report for someone who needed it and once the business day came to a close, I happily packed my bag, locked up and headed home. I was on cloud nine!

It’s amazing how happy we get on Fridays. I think the reality of having two days ahead during which you get to mostly feel like your own boss, visit with loved ones, recreate and spend your hard earned money is just so refreshing and rejuvenating. Well, I was obviously high on the Friday excitement juice; so high that I forgot to mail that last report to the people who usually want to have a look before Monday morning. Somewhere in the middle of having fun… you know how it works… it hit me – YOU DIDN’T SEND THE REPORT!

Well, since anytime during the weekend is fine, I thought I would go back and send it sometime during the weekend and that sometime turned out to be Sunday afternoon. I got there and found a colleague who had come in from another location trying to hook up to the central printer. He had to make a hundred copies of a document for a meeting on Monday and this little hitch was preventing him from completing his work. I sent the report out, solved his problem and said ‘It’s a good thing I came now’. He asked if I was done with my work and I said ‘yes. I only came to send one mail’. He said ‘wow! God really sent you here for me’. I smiled and left.

For a moment there, I felt like an angel; like I was God-sent. A friend heard this account and said, ‘Who knows? You probably forgot to send that mail on Friday so you could be of help to him today’. People often talk about coincidences when explaining beautiful outcomes and someone said ‘well, why do these coincidences always happen when I pray?’

I’ve experienced these “coincidences” time and again and on this particular occasion, I’m glad I was the ‘angel’.

Now there’s a whole new month ahead, and as the year draws to a close, it’s time to think about people around us who may have one need or the other. This question should be in mind – How can I be someone’s angel? There are opportunities all around; just be on the look out.


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