A time to give

This morning, we walked into the Palms and I heard someone say ‘I really feel Christmas in this place’. So I stepped back in my mind to assess the environment and some basic features were in place – Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, lights and one of the most important – the spirit of giving. The mall was full of people buying gifts for friends and family members, and stocking up for the festivities to come in a few days. There was joy in the air, children running all over the place, taking pictures with Santa and the reindeers, and so on.

At This Present House, there was an interesting initiative to create a unique and joyous Christmas experience for less privileged children through the Bethesda Child Support Agency. Families were asked to donate gifts for these children and this set the tone for giving in my home. We have a lot more giving to do and for me, the best part is seeing the smile on the face of another person as a result of the gift they’ve received from me. You’ll be amazed how therapeutic a smile on someone else’s face can be, especially when you contributed in someway to putting it there.

Christmas began because God gave a very special and precious gift, His only Son. In so many ways and through the years, that one gift has brought smiles to countless faces around the world.

Let’s fill the earth with smiles this Christmas. How many will you create?


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