Fifty Two!

Fifty two weeks in a year… Not ten, not twenty five… FIFTY TWO!

Sometimes it feels like an uphill task going through just one week… and here we are in the very last week of this year. Wow! We made it! You’re still here, and I’m still here; this is reason enough to rejoice.

But I’m going down memory lane, counting my blessings and giving thanks for all those difficult situations that I came through. I have to be thankful. I know I didn’t succeed by my own strength alone. We make plans, we prepare in advance, we network, we strategize, and we work hard to get our desired outcomes but every now and then we are faced with those circumstances beyond our control… and when we see them, we know them… but then, time and again, we see how things fall in place and how events are orchestrated for our ultimate good.

An unseen hand worked behind the scenes, ensuring that our troubles didn’t overwhelm us and that there was a way out; an exit to a place of peace and wellbeing. How could we possibly be justified if we attempted to take all the credit?

As the countdown to the end of this year continues, I will give thanks to whom thanks is due.

What will you do?


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