February Already

I remember saying Happy New Year just a while ago in a large gathering at Eko Hotel where we had the cross over service. It seems like just yesterday but a whole month has already gone by since then and now I can say this year is in full swing. No more happy new year greetings. The year’s officially old. But we can still experience newness and new beginnings in different aspects of our lives. It’s never too early or too late to begin. Everything starts from somewhere and at some time.

Start and press on to fulfil your purpose, and remember it is a gradual process. It doesn’t happen overnight. We must be ready to begin from somewhere to address the challenges and the limitations that stand in our way. We were never asked to do it all at once, that’s why we need plans, short term and long term goals, and so on. Even if we want to paint a massive wall, we’ll have to begin from somewhere and keep on until the entire wall is painted.

Some things are for us to start and for others to finish. We must never give up on a cause simply because we feel we may not be around to complete it or to enjoy the benefits. We must make room for posterity and embrace the idea of pursuing dreams that will outlive us.

Have a great start at whatever you choose to pursue.


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