War of Words

Have you ever wondered why a lot of wrestlers make a speech against their opponent before the match begins? What we want to see is the fight, right? Or could it be this verbal engagement is also part of it?

Well, it might interest you to know that this is an age old tradition. There’s even an account of David’s encounter with Goliath thousands of years ago and this rule of engagement still exists today. Unfortunately, as we go through life, most people choose to be quiet. Even when things are going wrong all around them, they say nothing. Could it be that most of us don’t even realize that life is an ongoing battle?

We battle to survive, to get an education, to get employed and to build and grow our businesses. We battle to find the right spouse and raise sane children in what seems to be an insane world. We battle to live in peace when all around us storms are raging. We battle to restore order, structure, and sound values where they have been eroded by unseen forces. We battle. Everyday, we battle. And if we must win, our voices must be heard.

Let it be heard as we lift them in prayer, engaging the divine for elevated impact and influence. Let it be heard as we stir ourselves up by our declarations of faith and as we speak up for the values we stand for. Let your voice be heard.

When those Goliaths begin to engage you in a war of words, speak back and establish your victory. This is not the time to be silent or to be at ease. It’s time to rise up and let your voice be heard.


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  1. True, true, true, true, true, true. I’m coming to realize that rising into positions of influence and authority e.g politics, or leadership in varying organizations isn’t just for prestige and honor. It also provides us a platform for our voices to be heard without which some change might never be effected.

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