Extra Milers

This weekend something interesting happened. We were at a hotel in Eket and for the fun of it, my husband was assessing them. From how quickly we were checked in, to how polite the staff were, to the speed with which they prepared the food we ordered, to the presentation and taste of the food they served…. He just went on.

Oh! Did I mention the part where he took off 0.5 stars each time they didn’t measure up? He would go… ‘that’s minus 0.5 stars for them’. Then at the time the first match of the Barclay’s English Premier League was to air, the staff responsible for changing channels went out and no other hotel staff had the training to help out all the football fans residing in the hotel. You could feel the frustration in the air.

Well, the last straw was when the Travel & Tours Desk told us their two drivers were unavailable. One was out of town, the other planned to show up sometime after the time for our scheduled appointment. At this point, we began to wonder if the problem was systemic or it had to do with the people.

Fortunately, we found another hotel staff to engage on the taxi matter. This guy went the extra mile and got us a taxi. So my husband came to the conclusion – Even when there are systemic flaws, people who go the extra mile to solve problems and meet needs could redeem the reputation of their establishments/organizations.

Are you an extra miler?

Picture credit: blog.exair.com


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