First Impressions

The carpenter arrived with the pieces that were to be put together to make the beds. Nathan perceived the recently coated wood from an adjoining room and blurted out, ‘what’s that awful smell?’ I immediately thought ‘o oh… where are they going to sleep this night?’

He followed the scent to his room where he found the beautiful bed. Next thing he said was ‘Wow! This is so beautiful. I love it, I love it. I like our new bed and it smells…’ he bent to sniff it, ‘…it smells new’.

A few minutes before, he called it awful, but after seeing how beautiful it was, he gave it a more positive name – new. It was interesting to see how his opinion changed because of the additional information he gained from seeing it… makes me wonder how quickly we write off people and opportunities just because our first impression of them wasn’t quite pleasant.

Also, there’s the part where we write off certain events as insignificant and nothing to worry about only to find out later that we should have taken them more seriously. Hmn….

There might be a lot to gain if we are not so quick to judge….

Think about it.

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