Paying Attention?

My daughter is at that phase where she doesn’t pay attention long enough. She easily gets distracted with information in a nearby print out, a Barbie doll, a thought that comes to her mind, or something else. This new trait shows up particularly during homework and it can be very upsetting because in our ever so busy world, we have to make time for the things that are important to us and that often means putting aside some other thing.

Having made the sacrifice, I always want to come away with a sense of achievement, knowing I have imparted some knowledge, gotten to know her a little better, or just enjoyed quality time with her. I really do not like to discover that despite my efforts, she had stopped paying attention somewhere along the line.

While driving home the other day, I thought about this new development and my relationship with God came to mind. I wondered if I was also making God’s attempts to communicate with me a frustrating experience because I wasn’t paying attention. Was I getting distracted by my concerns and challenges while He was trying to tell me the solution? Was I rushing through my prayer time, and making it a one-sided conversation, so that I could quickly go off and continue trying hard to solve my problems my way? Was I spending countless hours trying to find a solution online when I could have received direction from Him?

Wait a minute! Before you think I am the only one on trial here…. You should check yourself too. Are you paying attention?

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  1. Great insight Anietie. I find that I get spiritual ADHD sometimes and have to stop my self and reconnect again. It is always great to know that the issues I face is not uncommon to man!

  2. So true. Sometimes we’re so oblivious of the fact that we aren’t paying attention to what God is saying. Reminds me of a very interesting piece on God’s response to a woman’s prayer. She goes “Our Father, which art in heaven…” and when God answers “Yes” she is completely spooked. She had planned to reel out the prayer as usual, dust her knees and be on her way. I love it when God reminds me that He is REAL. Grace to listen…

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