Dream Bigger

While organizing the files on my system, I happened upon a document I called ‘Dreams – What I’m believing for’. I opened it to see what I had written. The column headings were:

  • What – the item/my desire
  • The Promise – scriptures to encourage me Β on the subject
  • Description/details – the finer details of what I wanted
  • Potential Challenges – what I thought could be show stoppers / obstacles
  • Strategy for achievement – including the suggestions for how to address the potential challenges
  • Target date
  • Date accomplished

I totally forgot I had prepared this document though I had the key points outlined in my journal so I could pay attention to them. I read through and realized that from the time I created this document in 2014 till now, eight of the ten items have been completed – some before the target date, some shortly after; but they’re done. 80% success rate. Great!

Of course you know what I considered next – why don’t I make a fresh list and dare to dream bigger than I did the last time?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing and I invite you to join me in making your own document.

A toast to your success and mine.


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  1. Girlfriend, talk about a wake up call! Writing stuff down sure is important but how often I forget to do it or take it for granted. We just often have plans and dreams floating around in our heads, nudging at our hearts and we say, “I know I want to do xyz …” but if we’d just set goals and plan towards accomplishing them w’d go from ” want to do” to ” have done.” So so glad I read this post today. I’m writing my own list now.

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