Ask How

Now that we’re off to a Smart Start, a concept comes to mind that I came across in ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, a book by Robert Kiyosaki in which he said that compared to rich people, poor people respond in a different manner when faced with a need. He observed that the poor are quick to say ‘I can’t afford it’ – a statement in which there’s no hope or possibility of a positive outcome, while rich people often say ‘how can I afford it?’ – a question that opens them up to endless possibilities. The outcome of these two responses are worlds apart – the poor often do not get what they want but the rich often do because they engage their minds, come up with a strategy, work at it, and eventually are able to afford it.


Now I consider life and I see that we can expand this concept to cover every aspect of our existence. We have dreams, desires, ambitions, goals, targets, and resolutions. Some of them may seem like tall orders and could easily cause one to cower into resignation but if we apply this concept, we’ll be asking ‘how can I do this?’ rather than saying ‘I can’t do this’.

There’s nothing wrong in asking how. Some people think, especially after they’ve prayed, that it is not in order to ask how because it would mean that they do not really believe. It’s easy to slip into that place where you abdicate all responsibility to the Supreme being in hope that He’ll work a miracle for you and you won’t have to do anything.

We are to trust God and not depend on our own understanding. That doesn’t mean we should throw out our reasoning. Rather, even after considering all the facts, we should bear in mind that God is able to make possible what seems impossible and He will do it in whatever way He sees fit, and that way might involve you getting down to some fact finding, planning, working the process and coming out with your desires fulfilled, goals accomplished and needs met.


Which will you say this year?


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