On the average day, I am a pros and cons superstar. I delight in checking out, weighing, and evaluating options so that I can eventually make an informed decision. This works on most occasions, however, there are times when there’s more to it than you can naturally sense. Then you need a sixth sense to help you judge accurately.
I’ve also come to realize that one of the greatest adversaries of this pros and cons process is fear; fear in the heart of the person who needs to do the evaluation. Fear just shuts down the whole process and before you know it, you’re facing the consequences of a bad decision you made when you were overwhelmed by fear.
Sometimes, fear is so subtle, you don’t even notice it creep in. It’s often conveyed by words, words, and more words from various sources. That’s why we have to be careful what we listen to, and why we must continually guard our hearts. If we are to be victorious in life, we must operate with a sound mind rather than a fear crippled mind.
Therefore, we must develop the skill of neutralizing our operating space – speaking positive words to counter the negative, fear instigating ones we hear, and then more positive, life giving and hope reviving words to build faith in our hearts.
Ah, I like faith. This is the all things are possible place, the place where we know that it’s not over until we win, the place of more than enough, and the place of where there’s a will, there’s a way. I love this place, and this is where I choose to live. By the way, there’s room for more people in this place of power.
Just in case you’re facing a fear that seems to have overwhelmed you, and you can’t find the words to fight it, you could use King David’s strategy. He said: ‘Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer… when my heart is overwhelmed and fainting; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.’ God is a rock. You can find refuge in Him and He’s just a prayer away.
Picture credits: fallibleblogma.com