A book titled Husband Material, A practical guide to finding True love written by Aniete Bature was launched at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki Lagos.

The book also came with a handbook crafted to answer questions and assess the state of the reader in preparation for married life as well as preservation of the marriage institution.

The review of the book was handled by Uche Ehunne and he gives a detailed overview of the content, style of writing as well as aesthetics which he scored very high.

The event also had a fireside chat anchored by Faith Swena who engaged the author on the focus, message, and more. Family, friends and other well-wishers including Pastor Jude Nwoko, resident pastor of the Freedom House Church took turns talking about the author and the importance of the marriage institution.

Anietie Bature is a certified marriage mentor and relationship coach, who is passionate about helping people lay solid foundations so that they can build healthy and fulfilling marriages. Her childhood experience left her with a desire to get married right and plunged her into much learning on the matter. From this wealth of knowledge and lessons from her own adventure, she speaks.

“I went to work near my hometown in Akwa Ibom state. In that community, I met a lot of young people and in that Season I was more of a mentor to them. I found out that a lot of them really struggled when it came to relationships. They had good intentions, they had good dreams, they had hopes that they would get married someday.”