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Dora Lewis

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  • Special Agent

    If you had asked me sometime back to define righteousness, my response would have been in this direction – abstaining from all kinds of sin. Well, a few friends of mine embarked ...

  • A well-watered garden

    Someone said something funny some days back. He said ‘blessed are those who finish all their December Salary in December, for they shall know the true meaning of endurance in Jan...

  • When you believe

    There were loud cheers and shouts of joy as the moment came when this long awaited event would occur. The trumpeters sent triumphant sound waves into the air and the drummers respo...

  • Spies

    I read an account of 12 spies who went to check out a land that had been promised to them. It was a serious fact finding mission and they were to return with as much information ab...

  • February Already

    I remember saying Happy New Year just a while ago in a large gathering at Eko Hotel where we had the cross over service. It seems like just yesterday but a whole month has already ...

  • In Love

    Yes, it’s almost here – Valentine’s day! And with the elections postponed in Nigeria, the celebration of love can go on. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an old book of...

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