I marvel at the time David spent preparing to face Goliath. One would have thought that he would launch his attack immediately he came to the conclusion that Goliath had to be taken out, but that wasn’t the case at all. Rather, he took time to find out what the reward would be for the man who killed Goliath, then to get the King’s approval and blessing to represent Israel, then to choose his weapon, and finally to engage in the verbal contest that took place before the real show down. Quite interesting.
Some people would rather be sure of an upcoming opportunity before they make any investment in preparing for it. I prefer to work with the mindset that several opportunities will come my way and to use every occasion or experience today to prepare myself for those future expectations. I can do the finishing touches when things are clearer and better defined. David had his preparation when he saved his father’s sheep from the lion and the bear. He just had to take a walk down to the brook and pick five smooth stones to bring Goliath down but he was already so good at shooting with a sling that he got the job done with the first stone. He was prepared!
Preparation goes on throughout life. You have to use each day to prepare for what will come. You never know which opportunity will launch you from where you are to where you want to be. You may not know what your current circumstance is preparing you for but it’s okay to build your experience base. Time will come when you have to pull on those experiences. You have to master the art of fishing in the sea of your life for the experiences that match your current challenge. David pulled on the lion and the bear.
When an opportunity presents itself, don’t rush out unprepared. Take the time to make sure the right elements are in place to increase your chances of success, then DO IT!
Photo credit – http://www.cupofjoe.tv/2012/05/be-prepared.html