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Dora Lewis
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February Already

I remember saying Happy New Year just a while ago in a large gathering at Eko Hotel where we had the cross over service. It seems like just yesterday but a whole month has already gone by since then and now I can say this year is in full swing. No more happy new year greetings. The year's officially old. But we can still experience newness and new beginnings in different aspects of our lives. It's never too early or too late to begin. Everything starts from somewhere and at some time. Start and press on to fulfil your purpose, and remember it is a gradual process. It doesn't happen overnight. We must be ready to begin...


I read an account of 12 spies who went to check out a land that had been promised to them. It was a serious fact finding mission and they were to return with as much information about the land as they could possibly gather to give the rest of the people a good picture of what the land was like – the population, the natural resources, the strength of the people, the fertility of the soil, and so on. All twelve men went to the land and saw the same things and their account was that the land flowed with milk and honey, the people were strong, and the cities were fortified and...

When you believe

There were loud cheers and shouts of joy as the moment came when this long awaited event would occur. The trumpeters sent triumphant sound waves into the air and the drummers responded. The talking drum in its unique expression made way for, and interlaced the songs of praise and thanksgiving that rent the air as the celebrants and their well wishers displayed their gratitude. The musicians spared no skill and the women led a dance procession in sync. It was a jubilant celebration indeed. It’s always beautiful to see the end of our journeys of faith – the birth of a child, graduation from school, a promotion at the office, receiving a clean...

A well-watered garden

Someone said something funny some days back. He said ‘blessed are those who finish all their December Salary in December, for they shall know the true meaning of endurance in January’. I had a good laugh. In 2012, a friend of mine sent a broadcast with pictures of people celebrating and living large during the festive season, only to become depressed in January because they couldn’t afford school fees, rent, etc. That was a good warning. Well, sometimes people happen upon hard times even without any fault of theirs and find themselves needing help. Should we turn a blind eye and convince ourselves that someone else will meet their need even when we...

Special Agent

If you had asked me sometime back to define righteousness, my response would have been in this direction – abstaining from all kinds of sin. Well, a few friends of mine embarked on a study and they created a BBM platform for their discussions. I’m not going with them on this journey but I pop in every now and then to see what’s up and learn a thing or two from them. I read a bit about a man named Job on one of the days his life was in focus and I came across an interesting concept which I would like to share with everyone. Job’s friends accused him of being unrighteous...