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Dora Lewis
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Everyone knows what’s up in Nigeria. I’m thrilled. You can almost touch the hope in the air and each breath feels like a dose of reassurance that our country’s headed in the right direction and a new Nigeria is emerging. I’m glad about this. I believe this Nation is rising again and we’ll be pleased with what we become in months and years to come. But this is also a good time for you to make changes in your personal affairs; changes that will bring about a better you – a more effective, efficient and valuable you. And you can always make that plan today. Like Winston Churchill said, ‘He who fails to...

Giant Slayer – DO IT 4

Everywhere we look today, we still see giants. This time, they’re not necessarily 9-11 feet tall but some of them still are intimidating and seemingly insurmountable. They show up in different sectors of the economy, in our businesses, in raising our children, in keeping the family together in unity, in improving the quality of education in our schools, in communicating the right values to our protégés and leaving a legacy for future generations, and in national transformation. I know for sure that just as there was a David for Goliath, there are people everywhere with just the right skills, passion, experience and grace to take on the giants we see today. Yes! Someone...

Take Action – DO IT 2

While I was an undergraduate, the Chaplain often told a story about two birds flying in the sky. The one in front was female and the one in pursuit was male. The male would chirp ‘I love you, I love you’ and the female would respond ‘show it, show it’. I’ve also read about how the female eagle chooses her mate… quite interesting. It seems in a bird’s world, words are not enough. Given that our words have the power to influence our lives, we must make the most of that power, but we must not stop there. We have to match our words with appropriate action in every aspect of our lives....