I heard an interesting story today of an elderly preacher who gave the title ‘Don’t be a mad man’ to his message on a fine Sunday morning several years ago. One couldn’t help but notice the puzzled look on the faces of his congregants. But by the time he was minutes into his delivery, they began to smile as understanding took the place of confusion in that space of time.
You see, in my part of the planet one of the things mad men are known for is stocking up on things they don’t need. One would have thought that this trait is peculiar to people with this mental condition but it has been observed that this trait transcends the borders of sanity, affluence, intellect, and much more.
Well, here’s your chance for a little self-check. Do you have any clothes, shoes, bags, or even cars that you have not used in the past six months to one year? It may just be that you really don’t need them and you are exhibiting the very trait the preacher spoke of.
The good news is you can very easily cure yourself of this condition by taking a few simple steps. Start by setting a date and making room on your calendar for this sanity restoring endeavor, then at the scheduled time, go through your stuff and weed out all those ones that fall into the ‘I sincerely don’t need these’ category. Separate and package them for distribution to people who really need them. You can always partner with your local assembly or charity organizations in your area if you can’t handle the distribution yourself.
You’ll be amazed at how something that became useless to you can greatly improve the quality of another person’s life, and at the level of joy you’ll experience when you are part of the story behind the smiles on the faces of those beneficiaries. Oh the blessings, and prayers, and goodwill that’ll accrue to you. The benefits are truly endless.