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Dora Lewis
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Edge of the Frame

Edge of the Frame

While on holiday at my sister’s home, my daughter found a couple of unpaintedHello Kitty pictures and decided to have a go at adding color to the black and white prints.
She did her thing and a few days before we returned to our base she came to present her finished work to everyone. She was super proud of her own accomplishment. I was proud too.
Aunty Patty thought it would be a good idea to save the pictures and use them in the children’s room so Anna could have that feeling of fulfillment each time she saw her work on display.
I packed them nicely in my suitcase and brought them home, then one day after work and school, we made curvy strips from cardboard, created frames for each one and put them up on the wall.
That night, she slept with a smile on her face, and I with a little extra joy in my heart.
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