Every now and then, I hear couples talk about having all their birds away from the nest. All of a sudden, the kids go off to boarding school or become independent and move away from home to start life on their own. The nest empties out and mum and dad are left alone. I had a foretaste of this when my kids went to their aunt’s for the weekend.
Imagine having a great portion of those children related details removed from your conversation, and having no one else demanding your time and attention. Homework and school projects will no longer be in your way and there’ll be no squeals, screams or fights to interrupt your discussion and take you away from your spouse. It’ll truly be just the two of you. Let’s make it a little more intense – imagine you have both retired from active service and have put in place sufficient income generating structures so you do not have any need to go back to work… meaning you don’t even have the eight hours compulsory break from each other. Wow!
Does this scenario freak you out or does it absolutely excite you?
How comfortable are you with your spouse?
Do you still love to spend time together in your own little world, just the two of you?
Just in case you don’t feel prepared for this season of your life, the best time to start getting ready is now. Now’s the time to bring back the love, the affection, the friendship, the oneness, the faith and the trust in your marriage. You can nurture these attributes by taking action and here are a few things to do:

  • Be patient and kind to your spouse
  • Don’t be jealous, envious, boastful, proud, selfish or rude
  • Avoid being irritable and touchy, and don’t keep demanding your own way
  • Don’t hold grudges or focus on the wrongs. Rather, forgive and forget
  • Look for the best in your spouse. Pay attention to the things they do well and commend them
  • Be loyal to your spouse and committed to your covenant to the end

Remember, love is more than a feeling, LOVE is a verb – and it calls us to take action today so we can have that blissful union we desire with our spouses both when the nest is full and after it empties out.
Best wishes.
Picture credit: animals-pics.com