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Dora Lewis
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Favourites 2 – The Coat of Many Colours

Favourites 2 – The Coat of Many Colours

Now let’s go on to the second record. You see, it’s so important to have a basis for your beliefs, values, decisions and positions. Without that, you’ll find yourself swaying this way and that. People should be able to say this is who this person is. Standing by that reason is what keeps you true and authentic as you relate with all kinds of people and are faced with different circumstances from day to day.
Jacob had his reason. He loved Joseph the most because he was born to him in his old age, and to make the distinction between Joseph and the rest of his sons, he gave him a coat of many colours. He must have thought to himself, ‘what harm could there possibly be in giving a beautiful coat to my favourite son?’
Well, the first person who experienced the harm was Joseph himself. His brothers hated him to the extent that they couldn’t say a kind word to him. Talk about verbal abuse. It started right from his father’s house. But then, what did you expect? Afterall, Daddy isn’t always home. ‘We’ll deal with you ehn? And if you talk, we’ll finish you when Daddy goes out again’. Does that sound familiar?
To make matters worse, Joseph had dreams of becoming great and he told those dreams to his brothers. Who else did he have to confide in? They were meant to be his friends, his most trusted allies, his support system, his safe place. But he was so wrong. He didn’t realize his father had turned his brothers to his enemies. The script played out and at an opportune time when daddy wasn’t around, they sold him into slavery to ensure none of those big dreams came true. But for God; that would have been the end of Joseph.
I will not have a favourite child. I will continue to appreciate each one’s uniqueness, love the good in them, and do all I can to nurture their individual gifts – from playing video games and experimenting with numbers, to painting and having a photographic memory, and lastly to drumming and disturbing all the occupants of this house with the loudness of it, I will love each one of them. I will make sure each one feels entirely and completely loved and that that love overflows into their loving one another and being best buddies for life. I will see them as they are – fearfully and wonderfully made – and continue to pray that they all grow to become all they were created to be. This is my position and my commitment. What’s yours?
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  • estherqueli
    Reply May 31, 2016 9:32 am

    First and foremost, beautiful twist on the Joseph story.
    Second, it would help if one didn’t have so many children wouldn’t it? Another disadvantage in over-procreating, I think. When we have lots of kids it’s not so easy to love each one uniquely, so the ones who have some special story attached to their birth or their abilities, capture the parents’ heart and attention. That, I think was the case with Jacob. Not that that’s excusable.
    So, for me, the fewer the better.
    Well written Annie.

  • Folakemi Ajala
    Reply June 2, 2016 2:40 pm

    My position and commitment is the same! Having favourites just causes unnecessary heartache for everybody, not to mention the pressure it puts on the ‘chosen one’. I should know….for some reason, I was considered my Dad’s favorite daughter (which is funny, ‘cos there’s only two of us girls). Growing up, my older brother made it his life’s mission to make my life MISERABLE, my younger sister and I were at odds through most of our teen years, and the lot always fell to me to ask for something impossible from my Dad, or to take the lion share of the blame for some collective misdemeanor.
    Today, we(especially my sister and I) are like peas in a pod, and it’s only because of God’s mercy and grace. I fully intend to spare every one of my children the heartache and drama of favouritism.
    Then again, I don’t think most parents set out to make one child their favorite. Sometimes, they just do it unconsciously(in my case, I think my Dad gravitated towards me because I’m his spitting image). That’s why it is extremely important for parents to be very aware, and to do a constant check on their behaviour and and attitude toward each child.
    Thank you Mrs Bature, for putting this into perspective.

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