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Dora Lewis
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Find Peace

Find Peace

If you ever find yourself feeling weighed down, disappointed by how slow your pace in life seems…
If you ever wonder why you’re still here when others you considered more valuable, more impactful, and more influential than yourself are long gone…
If you ever feel like your life has taken a detour and you can’t quite see how this road connects to the ultimate plan…
Find peace in this truth that the One who created you knows the best path for your life and has promised to guide you along that path until you have completely accomplished the purpose for which you were created.
He calls himself our teacher, our guide, our shepherd, and the light to our path.
Find peace in his promise that he will answer when we call and he will not turn away anyone who comes to him.
Find peace as you place your hand in his and let him lead you. He knows the way. Have faith. You will get there.

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