Shout! It’s a new month. You made it and so you have every reason to rejoice and be glad. You may think it’s not a big deal but it is. You may even think there’s no reason to rejoice because you may have been through some tough times in the recent past but you have something right there to rejoice about – Your troubles didn’t drown you. Somehow, you made it through, you rode the waves rather than get swept under it. That tells me something. You’re tough! Or haven’t you heard? Tough times never last, but tough people do.
Now just in case you feel like your storm is not over, or you’re just coming into a difficult time, take heart. Do not fear. Be strong and courageous. Know that you were created to overcome. You have it in you, and you will outlast this storm. Bear this in mind, you will never face more than you are able to handle so if you have a mountain before you, it means you can move that mountain, get around it, get through it, or go over it. But it will not stop you!
I am particularly grateful because tomorrow is my birthday. Nine days ago, while crossing a road between two shops, a biker got distracted by events at an outdoor event, left his lane and ran into my husband and me, sweeping me off my feet. My husband took most of the impact but he’s fine – just minor bruises at the back of his left leg. I’m fine too – just minor muscle aches around the areas that were impacted by the bike. I am still amazed that we came away intact and that I’ll spend my day tomorrow doing things I enjoy rather than lying on my back with maybe a leg suspended because of broken bones. God delivered us and I am grateful for life and health.
You need to find your reason to rejoice and keep that joy on replay. You will need that joyful atmosphere in your life in this new season to draw from the wells of salvation, from the storehouse of goodness, from the bank of things that are relevant for life and general well being.
Find your reason!