Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard about ‘finishing strong’ from two influential figures in my life. I think it’s a tactful approach to start now to refocus efforts towards finishing strong. That way we can invest the coming weeks to months in clear cut steps that will bring about maximum achievement; the kind that will be reason enough to gather our loved ones together to celebrate, or to just sit in quietness and be grateful.
Are you considering jumping on this FS wagon? Then here’s a thought to help you on your way:
Decide on the one or two things that would make a remarkably fulfilling difference in your life if you accomplished them at this time, zero in on your target and go for it!
Sometimes we allow ourselves become ineffective because we chase so many things at the same time. Then we lose the benefits that come with focus and end up with some progress in many areas. How about aiming for the finish line in the most important areas. At least by the time you stop to take stock, you’ll have something to show for all your effort. Then you can move on to the issues at the back burners with enough zest from your recent achievements and get them sorted too.
I want to finish strong and this is my strategy. What’s yours?
Picture credit:  crossfit-uncommon.com