Everywhere we look today, we still see giants. This time, they’re not necessarily 9-11 feet tall but some of them still are intimidating and seemingly insurmountable. They show up in different sectors of the economy, in our businesses, in raising our children, in keeping the family together in unity, in improving the quality of education in our schools, in communicating the right values to our protégés and leaving a legacy for future generations, and in national transformation.
I know for sure that just as there was a David for Goliath, there are people everywhere with just the right skills, passion, experience and grace to take on the giants we see today. Yes! Someone has to get the job done. These giants don’t just turn and walk away. They stay there, consistently trying to strike the hearts of people with fear and keep them from advancing. Goliath stayed on for 40 days until David dealt with him.
The interesting thing is, no one would have thought David could do it. He didn’t look like a giant slayer at all. He wasn’t even old enough to be in the army. But he had all that was required to get the job done and he knew it. It’s a good thing he didn’t count himself out because of all the ‘you don’t qualify’ speeches he was hearing. And that brings me to you. Before you join the majority of people complaining about this issue that you’re so passionate about, look within and see. Perhaps you are the one that is to solve the problem and the whole world is waiting for you to take down that giant.
Take some time to consider those issues today. Have you got what it takes to fix them?