Yes, it’s almost here – Valentine’s day! And with the elections postponed in Nigeria, the celebration of love can go on. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an old book of mine and my husband and I had a good laugh as we went over some of the poems I wrote back then. Here are a few:


One of your jokes would brighten my evening

One of your smiles would bring sunlight in what seems like a dark night

One look in your eyes would be like discovering the twinkle of the stars

Even the darkest night is beautiful when I’m with you



Your love is like a fountain, refreshing

Your company is like a balm, soothing

Your words are like honey, sweet

And you are like wine, intoxicating




Somebody please tell me

What is this feeling I feel

I want to say it’s more than love

But knowing love is the greatest, I’ll say it’s the greatest love

It’s strong, sweet, energizing, overwhelming

Soothing, comforting, encouraging

My feelings are raging…

He speaks and I listen

Each word is like a piece of polished diamond

So valuable, I must treasure it

And store it away in some safe compartment

I hear more than words, I hear heartbeat

That seems to give the rhythm for the sweetest love song

I love this tune, therefore I dance with all pleasure and delight

Because I am in love


I wish you love and happiness this season and always. And I encourage you to add to your gift for that special someone an expression of your affection in words.

The floor’s now open. Feel free to share here some of the beautiful ‘lyrics you dropped’ when you fell in love.