It’s July already. Seriously? This year seems to be on fast-forward. Wait, is there any year that isn’t like this? They say time goes by quickly when you’re having fun, so I guess in the midst of all the things that aren’t going so well, there are still some things to enjoy and to be grateful for.

How has your year been so far?

What has your focus been?

Have you achieved some of the key milestones you planned for this year? If yes, super! If not, we have six months to go. A lot can happen in that time. Keep hope alive. Don’t give up. Even if the first half of the year didn’t go well, you can make a comeback this second half and win this match.

Still think.

Still plan.

Still strategize.

Still take action; make those moves that will draw you closer to achieving your dream.

And yes; pray. Pray as if all these don’t work. Pray because in the midst of taking responsibility for your life and how things turn out, there are some factors you cannot control, and some critical ones that you aren’t even aware of. So you will need help.

And lastly, PRAISE! I read two books many years back – Prison to Praise and Power in Praise – both by Merlin R. Carothers. They contain several accounts of people who experienced the help of God because they engaged in praising God. We have several accounts in the Bible too. The most popular one from Sunday School is that of Paul and Silas who prayed and sang praises to God while they were in prison and suddenly there was a great earthquake which shook the foundations of the prison, and immediately all the doors were opened and all the prisoners’ chains were loosed. Awesome. So if you’re in what seems like a hopeless situation, get your praise on!

You may say you’ve tried everything. Have you tried praise?

Have a jubilant July.

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