Yesterday I addressed a group of women at the City of David, Eket. It was my first official speaking engagement and I totally enjoyed discussing the topic ‘The Career Woman’ with them.
I took time to prepare and tried to stick to my script as much as possible. Every now and then I felt the need to veer off and discuss something I didn’t plan to and I found out that those points were very useful. I didn’t realize how much I knew about the subject until this event. It’s amazing how good a teacher experience is. I’m grateful for these 10+ years of being a career woman. The Lord has been good to me.
I view this as a new beginning; a foretaste of greater things… more influence, more impact… pushing to make a difference from my own little corner. And it is such a great feeling when you discover something new about yourself. Are you still on your journey of self discovery? It seems this journey never ends and it can be all the more exciting when we take advantage of opportunities that come our way to try new things, especially things that are in line with some of those dreams we carry around deep within us.  
When last did you consider those dreams?  Sometimes we lock them away because they seem unachievable but we need to keep in mind that things change and we change too. We grow in wisdom and capacity and what seemed impossible sometime back may be possible today. Bring those boxes out every now and then and consider those dreams. Even better, don’t lock them away anymore. Keep them in view and turn them over in your mind. I think this is a good way to stay alert and ready.
Keep dreaming… keep believing … keep learning… and live ready.