Are you one of those who hardly ever have a problem? Consider yourself fortunate, lucky, blessed. Sometimes we coast for seasons without stress but every now and then, just as examinations are required to test our knowledge and competence, and to determine our qualification for transition to higher levels in our endeavours, life throws us a few tests and trials.
Yes, that’s how I view them when they come around. I refuse to look at them as events that will break me, I always look out for the good in every single trial I go through. I believe there’s a silver lining behind every dark cloud and if I can’t find it, I anticipate the dawn. I know morning will come. The sun will surely come up, especially because I live in Africa. LOL.
And when it’s all over, rather than live with the pain of the night, I pay attention to the good, the lessons learned, and the maturity and emotional stability attained as a result. By so doing, I eliminate bitterness from my past.
What are you going through today? Keep in mind that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t let your troubles get you down and out. Rather than see them as stumbling blocks, take those stones that life throws at you and by faith and determination, turn them to stepping stones to help you ascend to a higher place, a brand new normal, and then enjoy your success while you prepare for the next challenge.