While doing some “handy manny” type jobs at home some days back, my hubby tried to figure out the cause of the frequent trips we had been experiencing on our generator. He came to the conclusion that the engine oil tank was in need of a refill but the orientation of the tank was such that it required a special funnel or nozzle. 
He gave it some thought and soon followed an impression to look around him. Searching the generator shed, he found some materials stowed away – clearly forgotten. Going through, he came across a rather small funnel, picked it up and cleaned it, then tried to in the slot. It fit like it was designed for this. Moments later the task was completed and the result of his troubleshooting was spot on; the trips ceased. 
People often look outward when faced with challenges but sometimes we only need to look around and within to find the answer we seek. This reminds me of a song by Alvin Slaughter that says ‘What’s that you have in your hand? I can use it…’
 What do you have? Are you even taking stock? Are you aware of all you have at your disposal, or all the weapons in your arsenal? Before you give up on that project, have you assessed your capability, your strengths, your network? Do you realise how much potential you have?
 This isn’t a time for wasting resources or disregarding the leverage you have access to. It’s the time to make the most of what you have. Look around you – what do you see?